When is the last day to enroll in the internship?

By Fiona Hunter

Last Update 2 个月前

The last day to report the internship is when you “request the experience” and upload all the documents into Handshake. https://jindal.utdallas.edu/career-management-center/internships/#04-reporting-and-timelines

The last day to enroll in the internship course is on the academic calendar - https://utdallas.edu/academiccalendar/ Please note deadlines for regular enrollment and for late enrollment.  

You must be approved for the internship before you will be enrolled.  Undergrads are automatically enrolled for zero credit, and must send a request to JSOMUGAdvising for 1-3 credit hours.  Graduate students send the approval email from the program director to JSOMGRAdvising to request enrollment.

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