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By Fiona Hunter

Last Update 23 ditë më parë

To request an appointment you can go to Handshake and request a timeslot. 

If your request is urgent, send an email to [email protected] including some blocks of time when you are available and request that a time be assigned for you.  We cannot guarantee that all urgent requests can be met, but we will contact you to find a solution.

Go to Career Center menus and select Appointments

  • Select the category "JSOM Career Management Center"
  • Select appointment type: e.g. “JSOM CMC Interview Preparation"
  • Select staff and complete the request.  Royce Jones and Jason Cirilo are available for UG and MS, and Fiona Hunter for MBAs and internship reporting.
  • Appointments will be on Microsoft Teams. 
  • Note - all CMC appointments start with JSOM CMC... in the type.

Appointments with Royce Jones and Jason Cirilo can be for:
  • career exploration,
  • job search strategies,
  • interview prep,
  • mock interviews,
  • internship policy,
  • salary negotiation

Resume and Cover Letter Review 

Virtual Drop-in Events are offered to facilitate quick answers and avoid a wait for appointments.  If after the drop in review the career development specialist recommends an appointment for a deeper dive, they will schedule one with you.

For a resume or cover letter review, please join a "Virtual Drop In" session.  Sign up on Handshake under Events

Please note that the student is responsible for proofreading their own resume and cover letter.

If you have any issues or questions, please ask on the Chat or send an email to [email protected]

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