My internship offer is a co-op that spans two semesters. How do I report it?

By Fiona Hunter

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Co-op experiences often last for 6-8 months.  You are making a commitment to the company for the entire time.

If you are a domestic student, you can choose to report it for one semester to meet the degree requirement.  Make sure you meet the reporting deadline for the semester when you are doing the work, and complete the internship coursework 

If you an F-1 student, you must report the internship in Handshake for both semesters (2 separate requests), with end and start dates consecutive  

e.g. Fall - start date Oct. 1, end date Jan. 10

Spring - start date Jan.11, end date May 7

You must report the first one by the deadline for that semester. Check timelines and eligible dates on  Report the second internship as soon as internship reporting opens for that semester, and indicate it is an extension.  You can use the same offer letter and job description for both but may need to add an updated transcript for the second semester.

You will enroll in an internship course for each semester, and require CPT approval for each.  Your I-20 will initially be issued for the first internship dates, and will be updated once you are enrolled for the second semester. 

If you are graduating after the first semester, you would be eligible for CPT for only the first semester but could continue working for the company on OPT.  Please discuss this with the employer before accepting the offer.

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