Who approves my internship? What is the reporting process?

By Fiona Hunter

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The following is the step by step approval process for internships:

  • Report the internship experience in Handshake, including uploading the offer letter, job description and unofficial transcript
  • The company is reviewed for legitimacy and office location are confirmed
  • Following company verification, the information is forwarded to the program director for their approval
        o   Student meets internship program academic eligibility
        o   Job description is aligned with the program
        o   Internships dates are in the future and within the semester range (A US/PR student can start earlier and end later, as long as most of the hours worked are within the semester)
        o   At their discretion, the program director may request a policy waiver in certain circumstances
  • Student is responsible for course enrollment, and payment of fees – after the internship has been approved by the program director
  • CPT requests will be submitted to ISSO upon confirmation of course enrollment.
  • ISSO issues the I-20 after checking for CPT eligibility

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